Buckle Up

Life is about to get a little bit more chaotic– as if it hasn’t been a whirlwind of decisions already. Planning a wedding and trying to keep everyone satisfied was next to impossible, so we will do what makes us happy (for is that not part of a wedding, where the groom and bride feel “happy”).  So, if the groom wants me to walk down the aisle to “welcome to the jungle” (which he does), and not the traditional bridal march, then it is on.  It is a touch hard to think that indeed, spring is right around the corner (with the feet on top of feet of snow that is out in the yard).  But, spring is coming which means that the wedding will be here, then a move to a new home the following week, and then a graduation of my youngest from kindergarten.  So I say, buckle up, (there is only so much prepping that I can do), enjoy the ride, actually have fun at our wedding, and wipe the tears from my face when I see my baby walk down the aisle to receive her diploma of completion of kindergarten (okay, I do agree to an extent, a diploma of completing kindergarten can be seen as too much).


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