Pink Wagon

Yesterday I had wrote about the upcoming chaos that our little family was going to encounter (similar to seeing the weather radar and the weather that is out west will soon be upon us, and prepping for this broken record of “snow”).  Even thinking of seeing my youngest march down the aisle when her name is called, tugged on my heart.  In the midst of this I remember a moment when she was four and we were all playing outside and feeling the warm grass under my feet and hearing “You the best mommy in the whole world”  had crossed my four year old daughter’s lips for I was allowing her to pull her pink plastic wagon to the mail box that day. Now, I am the best mommy at times. (well, I am a mommy first, and there are times that well, you so can not do that, such as buying another cat then its the “your the worst mommy ever”)  That pink wagon.  Oh my god, that pink wagon has stood the test of time. That pink wagon has been stumped on, somehow has been used as a foot stool, a sled (yes, a sled) in the middle of summer.  For some ungodly reason, both girls got it in their head that one could sit in it while the other pushed the other down a hill in the backyard.  How they did not get more then a scratch still baffle my mind. That pink wagon has been used as a shopping cart, a storage container for left over snacks, a fairy princess carriage and more.  More baffling is, the things they pull while the back is turned for a second.  That pink wagon, has been the source of many healthy disagreements from “we can pull the wagon, and walk the dog”, to “we can use it to collect clay” (now, I know this one would end up my half bent over trying to pull a pink wagon full of clay walking down the road). This pink wagon is beat up, the soft pastel blue wheels are falling off, but the girls still see use out of.  Watching them place (very gingerly and carefully) their stuffed animals in it.  After (imagining) that the stuffed animals are buckled up, they will start to walk very carefully and avoid any harm take off like there was some monster behind them. I (One of the best $35 spent !).


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