I have the answer in my head — I just have not found it yet

As I am starting this expedition of following an appetite of mine, I see many doors that are opening.  Which door do I cross the threshold? How did I arrive at this conclusion to actually actively pursue something that I love to do?  Well, let me just say, that I have grown weary in trying to follow paths in a heavily constructed forests of “what’s best for you”, I have grown tired of reading articles that “should, should not” do.  So, I decided to make my own path, hack down the intrusive objects in my way, for as one of my favorite quotes go “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”  by William Ernest Henley. How to do persuade others that what I want to do is not just a hobby, but something that I take seriously? But, who says that you can not enjoy your work, or take your hobby into something more productive and lucrative? As the days go by, and I narrow down to what I want to write about and develop a following. I look forward to what my audience wants and desires to read about. I am eager to research the topics that an audience wants to know more about, and to enhance my knowledge about different subjects, I am even looking forward to the critics that will come, for those too play a part in a success tale.   So I will stock up on the eye drops, and while the final steps are being taken in the developing of my blog and making sure everything is linked properly I will continue in these up dates.  So cheers to all, have an awesome day, and do not be afraid to start commenting.


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