Its been a Whirlwind of a Week

I know it has been roughly four days since I made a post to my blog, and I must apologize for this.  It has been so chaotic here at our home that … yes…my blog took the .. “in ten minutes…okay tomorrow..defiantly tomorrow” ..

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity.  I finished Part 2 to my short novel Pandemonium, which has me a little on edge since I have sent it to the publisher Wednesday.  Ah….the anxiety and the finger nail biting waiting in anticipation of what the editors and proofreaders will say and suggest … I welcome the possible future suggestions …  But oh my goodness … what will they say and suggest?

Do not get me wrong I am so happy … thrilled/ecstatic about this move …but I am feeling mixed emotions.

I feel vulnerable in sharing such a numbing and sore experience, but I do it to inspire others, to motivate others, that even through the darkness of tragedy…there is a light even though it may be smaller then a sliver …there is hope…

So now as somewhat simmer now — my mind is going back into overdrive as a research and create my next novel — this makes me smile … granted…I would like to sleep one day — col — .

135 …..and let us not forgot these little adorable creatures —


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