It is okay not to be perfect <3

untitled  Elgh…Monday’s — Each day is a new beginning a clean slate — but there is just something about Mondays that it takes a few more seconds to crawl out of bed to swipe the red X button to the green circle of the alarm.  Getting kids out of bed to go to school takes an extra five minutes.  Monday’s even though they are a new beginning,it just takes a few extra cups of coffee to welcome the day.

I found this quote searching Google for something inspiring to motivate me to get me going on such a cold, snowing day.  All I want to do is crawl back into bed and hibernate until spring has come.  I tried to imagine that our Siberian tundra of a yard was of a lush green with white and purple violets poking out of the yard, but it was meant with the wind and snow in my face.  That sucks.

So I will keep on searching google for that “right” quote that will have me going like the pink energizer rabbit cause my batteries are about dead, and the now empty pot of coffee did not do the trick.  Yet, it 18 days (according to the calendar) spring will be here and this brings a smile to my face.  Spring, the warm sun will soon return, the snow will melt into a lake in our yard, muddy footprints will soon cover our blond bamboo floor, but flowers will be starting to blossom.

Its been a Whirlwind of a Week

I know it has been roughly four days since I made a post to my blog, and I must apologize for this.  It has been so chaotic here at our home that … yes…my blog took the .. “in ten minutes…okay tomorrow..defiantly tomorrow” ..

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity.  I finished Part 2 to my short novel Pandemonium, which has me a little on edge since I have sent it to the publisher Wednesday.  Ah….the anxiety and the finger nail biting waiting in anticipation of what the editors and proofreaders will say and suggest … I welcome the possible future suggestions …  But oh my goodness … what will they say and suggest?

Do not get me wrong I am so happy … thrilled/ecstatic about this move …but I am feeling mixed emotions.

I feel vulnerable in sharing such a numbing and sore experience, but I do it to inspire others, to motivate others, that even through the darkness of tragedy…there is a light even though it may be smaller then a sliver …there is hope…

So now as somewhat simmer now — my mind is going back into overdrive as a research and create my next novel — this makes me smile … granted…I would like to sleep one day — col — .

135 …..and let us not forgot these little adorable creatures —

What do you do?

B-hUOTsCYAACXka    I came across this image on Twitter this morning and it had me thinking, what do you do each day to create what you want to become?  I also asked myself, what have I done to not settle for what is comfortable or what the “should be’s” or the “should not be'”, but answering the questions in my mind.  “what do you want?” “what do you want to be”. “Am I settling with what I want to do with my life?” — “Am I letting myself be what others think that I should be?” …. The answer for me feels like well depends on the day.  Some days I can be braver then others, while some days it is so easy to think that my dreams are just that…pipe dreams….. Yet, I will chase these dreams until they become a reality, I will continue in giving of myself through words, through writing through my actions and so on….I will make the calls that can be uncomfortable (publishing companies) for perhaps I can and maybe be shot down, but you never know until you try… Right?

So what are you going to do today or tomorrow where you cross your limits of comfort to be what you want to be?