What do you do?

B-hUOTsCYAACXka    I came across this image on Twitter this morning and it had me thinking, what do you do each day to create what you want to become?  I also asked myself, what have I done to not settle for what is comfortable or what the “should be’s” or the “should not be'”, but answering the questions in my mind.  “what do you want?” “what do you want to be”. “Am I settling with what I want to do with my life?” — “Am I letting myself be what others think that I should be?” …. The answer for me feels like well depends on the day.  Some days I can be braver then others, while some days it is so easy to think that my dreams are just that…pipe dreams….. Yet, I will chase these dreams until they become a reality, I will continue in giving of myself through words, through writing through my actions and so on….I will make the calls that can be uncomfortable (publishing companies) for perhaps I can and maybe be shot down, but you never know until you try… Right?

So what are you going to do today or tomorrow where you cross your limits of comfort to be what you want to be?